Gas refrigeranti


The refrigerant range has become much broader with the new F-Gas regulation 517/2014 which promotes the transition to lower GWP refrigerants.


Indeed, next to energy efficiency, one of the key criteria of refrigerant choice is now the GWP. Therefore, it has been added to all new refrigerants (under applications) in the table below.


In general, refrigerants with a lower or very low GWP (except CO2) are flammable. However, there is a distinction between highly flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons and mildly flammable refrigerants such as HFOs or R-32.

The European Association EPEE makes available extensive information with the "F-Gas bookshelf" underr 


This table is non-exhaustive. 

 HCFCs and CFCs are banned in Europe.

Gas refrigeranti

Numero R :

Fabbricante :

Prodotto sostitutivo :

Numero R Tipo di fluido Prodotto sostitutivo Composizione Fabbricante Applicazioni tipiche
R-404A HFC R-502, R-22 R-125, R-143a, R-134a Bassa temperatura (refrigerazione commerciale ed industriale)
R-507 HFC R-502, R-22 R-125, R-143a Bassa temperatura (refrigerazione commerciale ed industriale)
R-407C HFC R-22 R-32, R-125, R-134a Climatizzazione, chiller
R-410A HFC R-22 R-32, R-125 Climatizzazione
R-408A HCFC R-502 R-22, R-125, R-143A
  • Forane 408A, Honeywell 408A, Arcton 408A,
  • Arkema, Honeywell, Ineos
Media e bassa temperatura (refrigerazione commerciale)
R-401A HCFC R-12 R-22, R-152a, R-124 Media temperatura (distributori di bibite, refrigerazione commerciale, celle frigorifere)
R-401B HCFC R-12, R-500 R-22, R-152a, R-124 Bassa temperatura (trasporto frigorifero)
R-402A HCFC R-502 R-125, R-290, R-22 Media e bassa temperatura (celle frigorifere, refrigerazione commerciale)
R-402B HCFC R-502 R-125, R-22, Propan Bassa temperatura (applicazioni speciali, macchine per la produzione del ghiaccio)
R-423A HFC R-12 R-134a, R-227 Compressori centrifughi


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