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Asociación Técnica Española de Climatización y Refrigeración Spain Atecyr was established in Spain in 1974 as a non-profit making organisation. The aim is to compile, collect and distribute technical scientific information on the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, ventilation, energy and environment sectors
Associação Brasileira de Refrigeração, Ar Condicionado, Ventilação e Aquecimento Brazil Brazilian association for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating. Members are manufacturers, planners, wholesalers and plant engineers.
Associação Portuguesa da Indústria de Refrigeração e do Ar Condicionado Portugal Portuguese association of the refrigeration and air conditioning industries
Associação Portuguesa dos Engenheiros do Frio Industrial e Ar Condicionado Portugal Portuguese association of engineers for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning
Associacó Catalana de Técnics en Energia, Climatizació i Refrigeració Spain Catalonian association for energy, refrigeration and air conditioning
Association des Ingénieurs en Climatique Ventilation et Froid France AICVF is the French association of engineers in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation.
Association Française de Normalisation France French Institute for Standardisation
Association Française du Froid France French association of specialists in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning. Sector platform for exchanging information.
Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires France French association for the food industry, which is the third largest employer in France. Represents their interests at a national level with public authorities and on an international level.
Association Suisse du Froid Switzerland The Swiss Association for Refrigeration Engineering, French speaking department, has the aim of informing its members and to represent the interests of the refrigeration industry



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