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Speciality :

Irrigation cooler :

The water to be recooled circulates through a heat exchanger coil coil

Fr : batterie (f)
All : Block (m)
An : coil
It :
in a closed circuit circuit

Fr : circuit (m)
All : Schaltkreis (m)
An : circuit
It :
through which ambient air is blown by a fan. Additionally, the heat exchanger is sprayed with water from above to improve the heat transfer

- A/C > Dry cooler

Fire damper :

Fire dampers are to close off fire sections in HVAC installations. They are designed to be incorporated in concrete walls and ceilings> the thermal trip is through solder melt over 72 °C.

- A/C > HVAC units

Dictionary :

Anglais : fire damper
Franais : clapet coupe-feu (m)
Allemand : Brandschutzklappe (f)
Italien :

Shell and tube condenser :

The shell and tube tube

Fr : tube (m)
All : Rohr (n)
An : tube
It :
#967# consists of a cylindrical steel case with water carrying tubes pressed, welded or brazed into the shell ends. Tube material is copper, brass, more rarely stainless steel and carbon steel for NH3. The cooling cooling

Fr : refroidissement (m)
All : Kühlung (f)
An : cooling
It :
water is directed by removable baffle plates. The refrigerant refrigerant

Fr : fluide frigorigène (m)
All : Kältemittel (n)
An : refrigerant
It :
enters the condenser Condenser

Fr : condenseur (m)
All : Verflüssiger (m)
An : Condenser
It :
at the top, flows through the jacket in cross counter flow and exits at the bottom. The flow velocity of the water must not be too low in order to avoid the deposition of pollutants. Depending on the water quality (hardness of the water), calcium carbonate and sludge may build up in the tubes. They can be cleaned physically/mechanically or chemically, in case of more persistent deposits. Fresh water should, if possible, not be used or only for smaller installations. The use of cooling cooling

Fr : refroidissement (m)
All : Kühlung (f)
An : cooling
It :
towers is more economical.

- Refrigeration > Components

Dictionary :

Anglais : shell and tube condenser
Franais : condenseur multitubulaire (m)
Allemand : Bündelrohrverflüssiger (m)
Italien :

Coanda effect :

Knowledge of the Coanda effect (Coanda, Rumanian engineer and aeroplane pioneer 1885 - 1912) is important to understand the room air flow in HVAC installations. It means the property of flowing media to lay themselves on flat surfaces or attach themselves to other parallel jets. If, for example, a supply air flow is very close to a ceiling then the secondary air can only flow in, undisturbed, from below. An under pressure develops between the ceiling and the supply air jet which causes the jet to divert upwards on to the ceiling. The formation of the Coanda effect is primarily dependent on the following factors: Shape of the air egress opening, energy energy

Fr : énergie (f)
All : Energie (f)
An : energy
It :
of the air jet, (air speed), egress angle and distance of the air egress opening from the deflection point.

- A/C > Air flow

Dictionary :

Anglais : Coanda effect
Franais : effet Coanda (m)
Allemand : Coanda-Effekt (m)
Italien :

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