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Glossaire technique

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Cooling the air :

Cooling the air takes place on the surfaces of heat exchangers which are cooled by refrigerant or cold water or brine. This can also be carried out by air washers in diect contact with cold water. Falling below the dew point is critical to dehumidifying the air. That is to say that dehumidification is always in conjunction with cooling the air, which means that reheating is necessary. The final temperature of the air after cooling will always be above the dew point, as it becomes mixed with uncooled air.

- A/C > Humidification

Absolute humidity :

Absolute humidity indicates the actual amount of steam in the air.

- A/C > States

Absolute zero :

The lowest possible temperature is –273.15°C or 0 kelvin and is also called absolute zero. According to the International System of Units, abbreviated to SI, kelvin (English physician, 1824-1907,unit symbol K) must be used to indicate temperatures.

- Refrigeration > Thermodynamics

Absorption of water :

Hygroscopic liquids imbibe steam and dilute themselves at the same time. Salt solutions based on lithium lithium

Fr : lithium (m)
All : Lithium (n)
An : lithium
It :
chloride are used. Imbibing the water increases with increased steam concentration and the pressure in the air and sinking temperature. The process is reversible i.e. the steam can be discharged from the salt solution by reheating. This makes it possible to build up a continuous process.

- A/C > Humidification

Absorption installation :

Whilst in compression compression

Fr : compression (f)
All : Pressung (f)
An : compression
It :
refrigeration systems, the compressor supplies mechanical energy to reach the required condensing temperature, in absorption absorption

Fr : absorption (f)
All : Absorption (f)
An : absorption
It :
refrigeration units thermal energy is supplied by the boiler. In absorption absorption

Fr : absorption (f)
All : Absorption (f)
An : absorption
It :
refrigeration units, heat is transported by a refrigerant, which absorbs heat during evaporation in the evaporator and releases it during condensation condensation

Fr : condensation (f)
All : Schwitzwasserbildung (f)
An : condensation
It :
in the condenser. Additionally, an absorbent is required to absorb the refrigerant vapour in the absorber. In case of liquids, it is called an absorbent and in the case of solids, an adsorbent

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