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01/2019 New brochure about flammable refrigerants

The European associations AREA, ASERCOM, EFCTC and EPEE have published a new brochure in the context of their communication campaign to ensure the implementation of the F-Gas Regulation.

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01/2019 Leading EU associations express concerns about the illegal trade of refrigerants

The three European associations EPEE, EFCTC and AREA and the French association ADC3R – have joined forces to call for a better enforcement of the EU F-Gas Regulation.

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10/2018 AFCE publishes new study on refrigerants

At the occasion of its traditional symposium end of September, the French association AFCE published the key results of a new study about lower GWP refrigerants and their energy efficiency, carried out by Cemafroid, Citepa and Ereire and commissioned by AFCE.

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10/2018 New lobby group GlobalFact

The Global Forum for Advanced Climate Technologies (GlobalFact) is supported by refrigerant manufacturers Arkema, Chemours, Daikin, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Honeywell und Mexichem. The group’s aim is to provide factual information about refrigerants with lower and low GWP.

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08/2018 EPA ruling paves way for shift away from domestic HFC use

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a ruling on refrigerant standards for domestic cooling appliances that is intended to support industry in shifting away from a reliance on high GWP hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

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08/2018 Refrigera 2019 – New exhibition dedicated to Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigera is a brand-new exhibition located at Piacenza Expo, taking place from 20 to 22 February 2019, and is targeted exclusively at professionals in the industrial and commercial field of the refrigeration supply chain.

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