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01/2019 New brochure about flammable refrigerants

The European associations AREA, ASERCOM, EFCTC and EPEE have published a new brochure in the context of their communication campaign to ensure the implementation of the F-Gas Regulation.

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01/2019 Leading EU associations express concerns about the illegal trade of refrigerants

The three European associations EPEE, EFCTC and AREA and the French association ADC3R – have joined forces to call for a better enforcement of the EU F-Gas Regulation.

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01/2019 EUREKA Roadshow event in Romania highlights the importance of dialogue between the Member States and the EU

The EUREKA Roadshow made its second stop in Romania for another half-day conference to debate how the HVACR industry can adapt to the challenges of the future.

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01/2019 France : financial support before HFC tax kicks in

France published the financial law 2019: as of 2021 the country will introduce a tax on HFCs. However, between now and then, and up to 31st December 2022, 40% of investments into new HVACR installations running without HFCs can be deducted from companies’ income taxes.

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01/2019 Sir Richard Branson calls for higher energy efficiency of air-conditioners

Source: : Sir Richard Branson claims that air-conditioners currently available on the market only achieve 14% of their maximum theoretical efficiency and calls on governments to “aggressively” raise energy efficiency standards.

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01/2019 ‘No deal’ uncertainty tops HVACR fears as Commons' Brexit vote nears

Source: : A no deal Brexit remains the worst-case scenario for the HVAC industry as parliament braces for a vote over whether to back an exit agreement reached between the government and the EU.

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